With a background in Dobermans that dates back to the early 1970's, it seems that Dobermans have always been part of my life. I've had the opportunity to watch the careers of many great showdogs and watched the style of Dobermans slowly evolve and change. With a passion for the breed that never wavers, I remain committed to the Art of Breeding Champions. With a background in design and studio art, breeding beautiful dogs has allowed me an extraordinary creative outlet.

We live on a small ranch in north Texas with lots of space for our adult dogs and puppies to explore and conquer. Great dogs are developed and we do our best to give our puppies the best start possible. Good genes, cleanliness, the best nutrition available, socialization, and exercise are all crucial in raising a good puppy. Starting with early neurological stimulation, our puppy raising in very hands-on. Puppies are born and raised in my bedroom andhave two full-time 'nannies' care for them around the clock. As soon as they are old enough, socializing with strangers and children begins so that when the time comes to leave here they are confident, happy  puppies ready to become part of your family.

Unlike some breeds, Dobermans need to be part of your family. You will get out of your puppy what you put into it. A Doberman left out in a fenced yard all day with little human contact quickly turns into a juvenile delinquent. Dobermans are not for everyone. They demand a lot of time, energy, patience, and firmness. They require that the owner be smarter than the dog. For those willing to make the commitment, they can bring you unparalleled joy and a friendship like no other.

Our current breeding program revolves around our lovely 
Fallon ("Grand Champion Horizon's Upper Echelon"). She is a multiple Best-in-Show, multiple Best-in-Specialty, Top Twenty, multiple champion-producing bitch. She combines the bloodlines of Foxfire Dobermans and Horizon Dobermans, two kennels with a long history of success in breeding outstanding conformation and performance dogs. Her first litter has already produced four champions with  more to come. She is a true goodwill ambassador for the breed. Regal in appearance and temperament - people fall in love with her wherever she goes!

All of our breeding stock, and the dogs we breed to, have undergone rigorous health testing, including hips, elbows, eyes, hearts, and testing for vonWillebarnds. Dobermans historically have many health issues and, as a responsible breeder, it is imperative for us to keep up with the most current testing that will ultimately allow us to breed healthier dogs.    

When you purchase a puppy from us, you become part of our extended family. Our relationship does not end when you purchase your puppy, rather it begins! I am always available for questions, referrals, problems, and hopefully for listening to lots of bragging about all the great things your puppy is accomplishing!

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AKC Breeder of Merit
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